DFS Strategy

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1) Familiarize yourself with the scoring and roster formats.

2) Understand how the salaries work for the site

  • What positions are priced the highest, lowest?
  • What positions have the lowest/highest variance?
  • What is the average price per player?
  • How many high-priced, mid-priced, and low-priced players do I need to build a winning roster?

3) Find Value

  • Identifying players with favorable matchups (opposing defense points allowed by position)
  • Injuries that have led to a cheaper salary player now being in a favorable position.
  • The player is returning from injury and their salary is low.
  • Trends in snaps, touches, targets show a player’s increased role in the offense.
  • Focus on players who are in games that are expected to be the highest-scoring for the week.
  • Know which players perform extremely well at home or on the road¬†
  • Know what the target scores should be on each site based on the contest you are in